Roundtable discussion: How to capitalise on the growth of the ESG market

By State Street Global Advisors
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Clients are increasingly demanding investment in ESG-integrated funds to ensure their capital incentivises ethical decision-making across the private sector. With momentum in the ESG space showing no signs of slowing, financial advisers are poised to reap the benefits. 


This roundtable discussion — hosted by InvestorDaily and State Street Global Advisers — aims to serve as a guide for the industry, unpacking the nuances of the ESG space. The roundtable includes insights from Jonathan Shead, head of investments, Australia at State Street Global Advisors; Kathryn Fitch-Daniels, financial adviser at Ethinvest; Marshall Brentnall, financial planner at Evalesco Financial Services; and Nathan Fradley, senior adviser at Tribeca and co-founder of the Ethical Advice Conference. 

 Topics covered include:

·             ESG versus ethical investing

·             ESG integration in Australia

·             Drivers of ESG growth

·             Identifying the right ESG product

·             Compliance with the FASEA Code

·             Heeding ASIC’s ‘greenwashing’ warning


·             SPDR ETF Carbon Control ETFs



00:00 Introduction

4:00 – Difference between ESG and ethical investing 

7:30 – State of play with ESG integration in investment portfolios in Australia

10:00 – What’s driving the growth?

25:00 – ESG product development

34:00 – FASEA requirements on ESG and ethical investing

39:00 – Greenwashing 

54:00 – SPDR ETF Carbon Control ETFs


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