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Europe on the verge of a recession

Investors are being advised to position their portfolios defensively in 2019 as Europe may be teetering on the brink of recession according ...

by Stephanie Aikins

Investors asked for feedback on investment vehicle

The government has asked for public consultation on two bills that will implement the tax and regulatory components of the CCIV regime and i...

by Eliot Hastie

Brexit to affect Australian investor confidence: AMP

Despite Theresa May’s proposed Brexit plan suffering a large defeat in the UK parliament, AMP thinks it may result in a softer outcome ove...

by Sarah Simpkins

Bank moves to full CCR compliance

A national bank has announced that it will become one of the first in Australia to be fully compliant with Comprehensive Credit Reporting ob...

by Eliot Hastie

Australian house prices to fall hardest

Australia will see the highest house price declines this year, according to Fitch Ratings, which said the fall is being driven by reduced af...

by Sarah Simpkins

World Bank begins search for new president 

The board of executive directors of the World Bank met last week to discuss the selection process for the next president of the World Bank G...

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