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InvestorDaily launches 2022 Adviser Innovation Summit

By Kyle Robbins
3 minute read

InvestorDaily is bringing back the highly anticipated Adviser Innovation Summit.

The Adviser Innovation Summit is back for 2022 with the aim to bring advisers up to speed on the latest trends in fintech, innovation and digital transformation.

Taking place over two days, 1 and 8 June 2022, the conference has been designed to make sense of the latest financial buzzwords and trends, including the metaverse, decentralised finance and finfluencers, deep diving into their impact on advice practices and future business operations.

Throughout the summit, financial advisers, fintech consultants, executive and business owners will hear from a variety of speakers about what the metaverse and decentralised finance are, and how these could shape the future for advisers.

Additionally, Major General (Ret’d) Dr Marcus Thompson, Australian Defence Force former head of information warfare, will provide pertinent information on how businesses can manage the ever-growing financial risk of cyber penetration, detailing technological strategies and solutions that can be implemented to thwart cyber security threats.

Speakers at this year’s summit also include the founder of machine learning company Flamingo AI and adviser on responsible technology and the future of work, Dr Catriona Wallace; financial commentator at Channel 9, Canna Campbell; money mentor Adele Martin; and eInvest Australia managing director Camilla Love.  

Advisers will also hear from the founder of Advice Revolution, Adrian Patty and Volt Bank Australia chief customer and partnerships officer Andrew Clouston about how to harness open banking to gain access to their clients’ finances in a cyber safe environment and take advantage of the new Consumer Data Right rules.

Maja Garaca Djurdjevic, Momentum Media’s wealth editor said of the summit: “While the impacts of COVID-19 are beginning to recede, we’ve been met by new challenges in the form of adverse weather events and a war which are exacting a cruel human and economic toll. These events are changing the way we live and work and forcing advisers to re-engineer their businesses to remain in lock step with the times.

“The financial services ecosystem has been rapidly evolving, changing the way advisers operate,” she continued, “from DeFi, to the blockchain, finfluencers and more, navigating innovation in advice has never been more challenging.

“As such, this year’s Adviser Innovation Summit aims to help you acquaint yourself with the threats and opportunities unique to advisers, offering you a support system as you continue to educate your clients during challenging situations and times.”


The Adviser Innovation Summit is being run with support from platinum partner Astute Wheel, and gold partners; Asendium, Finclear, Integrated Portfolio Solutions, Midwinter and Plutosoft.


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