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ANZ establishes technology advice panel

By Taylee Lewis
2 minute read

ANZ has established a panel of international technology experts to advise the board on emerging technologies, and digital and social media trends that affect the institution’s business.

The ANZ International Technology and Digital Business Advisory Panel will provide advice regarding digital trends that impact the bank’s business and strategic direction.

ANZ chairman David Gonski said: “The financial services industry is now undergoing rapid change driven by advances in digital technology.

“The aim of establishing this advisory group is to ensure the board and management have access to external perspectives, specialist insights and trusted advice to ensure we successfully navigate future opportunities and challenges.

“The board and our senior executive team recently visited the west coast of the United States to consolidate our understanding and refine our approach to digital transformation.

“The meetings also helped deepen our understanding of the opportunities that emerging technologies are creating to better support our customers,” said Mr Gonski.

The panel’s members include: managing director of online sales for Asia Pacific Aliza Knox, former vice president of global retail and strategic development Don Kingsborough, former group president global business services and CIO Filippo Passerini, and senior vice president of strategy and engagement Gerard Florian.

The panel will meet quarterly with the board's technology committee.