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New platform to ‘fix’ research issues

By Taylee Lewis
2 minute read

A new research platform, Seed Alpha, was launched this week in an effort to solve issues that both buyside firms and researchers face as equity regulation changes.

According to a statement from the research company, there will be a dramatic shift in the way research is consumed, priced and valued across the globe.

Seed Alpha co-founder Edward Stockreisser said: “Most asset managers are not set up to meet these proposed changes, and this is where Seed Alpha can help.”

“It’s about improved transparency, accountability and efficiency.”

Seed Alpha is a cloud-based platform that provides a single space for buyside firms to manage their research while delivering them content from various research providers, the statement said.

“[The platform] provides a completely transparent audit trail showing who is using the research and what was paid for it,” according to the statement. 

“For researchers, it provides instant access to potential consumers who otherwise would have been time consuming and costly to reach.” 

Mr Stockreisser said the platform provides ‘best research’, subsequently allowing clients to find suitable research that generates alpha.

Hong-Kong based firm Ballingal Investment Advisers has adopted the technology.

Ballingal founder and chief executive, Andrew Ballingal, said: “Seed Alpha gives us the ability to effortlessly manage the vast amounts of research we consume, while providing an audit trail for customers and regulators.”

“We’ve seen increasing demand from our investors to know exactly what their money is paying for in terms of research and commissions and this is a great way to easily demonstrate that what we’re paying is adding value and alpha to their portfolios and investment process.”