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Decimal expands into US market

By Aleks Vickovich
1 minute read

Platform and software provider Decimal has dipped its toes into the US tech market, announcing a California-based subsidiary.

Decimal founder Jan Kolbusz is currently located in the US ahead of the establishment of a San Francisco office.

The expansion comes as Decimal seeks to take advantage of developments in the US fintech market, particularly the proliferation of ‘robo-advice’.

“The recent emergence of various offerings including specific 'robo' investment and financial 'wellness' apps is driving interest in Decimal in the US because of its significant distinguishing capability,” said a statement from the company.

“The interest is across two areas: financial institutions needing to accelerate their response to consumer driven digital transformation, and non-financial consumer brands looking to add personal financial services distribution.

“They are responding to consumers across all market segments increasingly looking for online solutions to their financial needs.”

 The move follows the announcement that former Macquarie executive Carolyn Colley will head up Decimal's Australia and New Zealand operations as regional CEO.