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Online investment adviser to launch ‘ETF-exclusive’ super solution

By Jessica Penny
2 minute read

Stockspot is aiming to launch the Australia-first vehicle in the coming months.

Online investment adviser and fund manager Stockspot has introduced Stockspot Super, Australia’s first “ETF only” superannuation product.

The vehicle will invest exclusively in publicly listed ETFs, excluding unlisted assets that are “prone to delayed valuations”, according to the firm.

As such, investments will be valued every market day, similar to current Stockspot portfolios.

On its site, Stockspot said the solution is the “end of pooled super funds and the beginning of transparent investing tailored to your needs”.

Namely, according to the firm, members will be able to enjoy the transparency and tax efficiency of owning a personalised portfolio of ETFs within their super, without the complexity of creating a self-managed super fund.

“Over the years, many of you have expressed an interest in a super product that aligns with our commitment to transparency, low costs, and an indexed investment philosophy,” the firm said.

The product, which it aims to launch in the upcoming months, has adopted a tax-efficient account structure.

Specifically, members will pay taxes only on realised capital gains.

“Unlike pooled super funds, Stockspot Super will offer discrete accounts so you won’t pay for the future tax liabilities of other fund members.”

Other features set to be included are personalised investment advice – with automatic adjustments as retirement approaches – and a “consistent, evidence-based investment approach”.

Speaking recently on the Relative Return podcast, Chris Brycki, the founder and chief executive of Stockspot, explained that Stockspot emerged from Brycki’s vision of a direct-to-consumer wealth management service that diverges from traditional models by offering a hands-off investment experience.

“We basically help mum and dad investors in Australia build diversified portfolios and then we manage it for them so they can be hands off and get on with their lives. And I guess we’re different to an online stockbroker, which requires you to pick the investments and manage them yourselves, because ours is entirely hands off,” said Brycki.

“We’re also different to a traditional advisor in that we’re obviously online. And although we do provide personal advice to all clients, it’s largely an online-driven service”.

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