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Qantas Super appoints new investment performance partner

By Rhea Nath
2 minute read

The $8.9 billion fund has tapped a fintech company headquartered in Rotterdam as investment performance consultant.

Qantas Super has partnered with investment decision technology and solutions provider Ortec Finance and will be implementing Ortec’s investment performance managed service through a strategic outsourcing arrangement and its performance attribution platform PEARL to build on its performance and attribution capabilities.

The initial phase of implementation was completed in September 2023, enabling the fund to undertake its plan attribution analysis and financial year-end reporting using PEARL.

Dan Healey, head of investment operations at Qantas Super, praised the “robust, low-risk system solution” and said it was a “pleasure” to work with the Ortec team.

Through the partnership, which sought to establish a consistent database of performance book of records and enhanced option-level attribution analysis and reporting, Qantas Super was able to obtain detailed analytics for investment performance, improved performance and attribution capabilities, and best practices and benchmarking.

PEARL would also assist the fund with regulatory and compliance support.

Moreover, with Ortec Finance’s investment performance managed service, Qantas Super would be able to “leave the technical aspects” to these in-house experts and focus on its strategic decision making and core activities.

“This will result in improved accuracy, compliance adherence, and access to Ortec’s specialised expertise, enhancing Qantas Super’s ability to serve its members,” it said.

Ortec Finance’s APAC managing director, Stefano Seung Jin Lee, described it as a “major milestone” for the firm in the region to implement PEARL to Qantas Super.

“They are constantly evolving and increasing their complex performance and attribution requirements, so we are thrilled to be partnering with them to also provide ongoing consultancy and managed services,” he said.

“With Ortec Finance’s expertise and support, we are confident Qantas Super Investment can conduct a more detailed analysis at asset class and investment manager level to achieve their long-term investment goals.”

Headquartered in Rotterdam, Ortec Finance helps over 600 clients manage $15 trillion in assets under management, with offices in London, Toronto, Amsterdam, Singapore, Zurich, New York, and Melbourne.