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HSBC increases engagement with Australian super sector

By Jessica Penny
3 minute read

The partnership will enable the international bank to extend its services into the Australian super sector. 

HSBC Australia has announced a new partnership with the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) to help inform members of key industry insights that can assist with international mandates.

AIST and HSBC’s collaboration follows a significant time of change in the country’s super industry, with a growing number of funds investing in international public and private assets, and shifting more investable assets into non-AUD currencies.

More national funds are additionally re-establishing their investment execution decisions and asset management in-house.


“Australian super funds’ increasing focus on offshore investment is absolutely the right strategic decision for their members given the projected size of AUM by the end of the decade,” said Nick Wheeler, HSBC head of markets and securities services for Australia and New Zealand.

“Our knowledge of global markets combined with our suite of solutions, including global asset management, securities services and access to public and private investments means we’re uniquely placed to assist asset owners and managers on their investments decisions and we believe AIST is the ideal partner and platform to deliver this insight to the industry.”

Moreover, the AIST partnership will support HSBC’s engagement with Australian superannuation funds across areas such as securities services, FX, real assets and asset management.

Commenting on the partnership, AIST CEO Eva Scheerlinck said AIST welcomed the collaboration.

“We appreciate the support provided and value added for our member funds across the profit-to-member sector by our partners, particularly by HSBC with its global reach, broad service offering and expertise in offshore markets at a time when our member funds are increasing their global investments,” Ms Scheerlinck concluded.