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Spirit Super appoints asset consultant

By Adrian Suljanovic
3 minute read

A global investment consultant has been appointed by Australia’s newest national industry super fund as its asset consultant. 

Spirit Super is an industry super fund that rose from the merger between MTAA and TASPLAN in 2021, with $26.5 billion funds under management and over 324,000 members across Australia. The fund has appointed JANA as its asset consultant, building on their already substantial experience in the institutional marketplace, including superannuation. 

JANA’s superannuation clients span across the industry, government and corporate sectors. Their appointment commenced 1 July 2022, replacing long-term incumbent Whitehelm Capital as the fund’s asset consultant. 

Jim Lamborn, JANA CEO, said that they are “delighted” to have been selected to partner with Spirit Super. 


“Spirit Super has recently made some exciting acquisitions in its unlisted portfolio, including Parliament Square in Hobart and, prospectively, a majority share in the Port of Geelong. These assets hold strong underpinnings which will play a key role in the communities they serve.”

“Together, we look forward to working toward a brighter future for millions of Australians,” Mr Lamborn said. 

As super funds continue to face various challenges brought on by regulatory change and increasing market consolidation, mid-sized funds are in a unique position to explore opportunities in Australia while the larger mega funds being their ventures into global markets. 

Mr Lamborn further stated that they are “pleased” that Spirit Super has “entrusted JANA as their partner to help realise their investment aspirations” as the fund is seeking to grow and “deliver outstanding long-term member outcomes.” 

CIO at Spirit Super, Ross Barry, said the investment team at the fund has “undergone a major evolution” in regards to their operating model, resulting in their consulting needs being altered. 

“We felt JANA was strongly aligned to our aspirations, our global research focus and our first principles approach to investing,” Mr Barry said.