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Mercer to consult to TAL Super

The superannuation division of life insurer TAL has appointed Mercer Australia as its implemented consultant.

Mercer has won a tender process to provide implemented consulting services to TAL Superannuation Limited for six years.

Under the terms of the agreement, Mercer will support the TAL Superannuation and Insurance Fund in "delivering sustainable returns to members", according to a statement.

TAL group chief executive Brett Clark said TAL Superannuation Limited (TASL) made the appointment independently of its parent company.

"The tender process confirmed Mercer’s deep expertise in the superannuation sector as well as the high calibre of their people and processes," Mr Clark said.

"Helping our members secure their financial future is our key priority. While a number of quality candidates were considered in the tender process, TASL judged Mercer to best meet TASL’s requirements. Mercer has a consistent track record that TASL believes will meet the current and future expectations of our members."

Mercer Australia chief executive Ben Walsh said, "This appointment will deliver significant value to TASL and its members by having them access Mercer’s investment scale and capability."

The appointment of Mercer to TAL's super fund is effective from 1 October 2017.



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