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Last chance to have your say in our federal election poll

By Reporter
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The federal election has been called for 21 May, with a new survey encouraging financial services professionals to share their thoughts due to close this afternoon. 

Market research firm Momentum Intelligence recently released its federal election poll to better understand the perceptions, opinions and priorities of professionals leading up to the vote on 21 May.

The results of this survey, which closes this afternoon, will be used to generate a special edition of the Industry Insight Report, which seeks to amplify your voice to the media, policy makers and the wider public.

Momentum Intelligence head of strategy Michael Johnson commented: “This poll is an opportunity to explore industry-specific issues and insights as a vehicle to bring these issues to light ahead of the election.


“It’s an opportunity for this industry to voice what is important to them at a professional and personal level so that their ideas can be amplified and heard by those in Canberra.”

The poll is open to all financial services professionals, including advisers, financial planners, mortgage brokers, fund managers and lenders, and takes five minutes to complete. As a thank you for your time, Momentum Intelligence will give away a $500 gift voucher to one randomly selected participant who wishes to enter the prize draw.

Your response is anonymous and the winner of the voucher will be revealed after the poll closes at 5pm on Wednesday, 13 April.

To participate in the poll, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Momentum Intelligence via email.

How the election campaign is expected to impact investments 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has now formally pegged 21 May for Australians to decide the composition of the next Parliament, the tight race to follow is set to be a nail-biter for financial market punters eager for a quick and decisive electoral wrap-up to ensure that their ventures are safe from potential post-election volatilities.

Reading the tea leaves for potential investment opportunities in the lead-up to an election is seldom regarded as smart, especially when the polls indicate a possible photo-finish – so AMP’s head of investment strategy and economics Dr Shane Oliver has argued that investors will probably be careful before making their next big moves.

Speaking with InvestorDaily in a follow-up analysis from the Prime Minister's election date announcement, Dr Oliver offered a frank and sobering view of the electoral duke-out, saying that although the policy differences between the two parties are small, investors may still withhold their market bets until after Australians hit the polling booths.