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ASIC to invest $60m on IT infrastructure

The corporate regulator has renewed its contract with software company Nuix as part of a $60 million spend focusing on data analytics and IT systems.

ASIC has extended its relationship with Australian software company Nuix following a competitive tender process that is part of a $60 million IT spend.

The renewed contract forms part of ASIC's "expanding analytics and e-discovery platforms", according to a statement by the regulator.

"[The regulator is] investing around $60 million on data analytics, IT systems as well as its surveillance and enforcement capabilities to be a more data-driven, intelligence-led law enforcement agency," said ASIC.

ASIC chief data officer John Wallace said, "A critical part of detecting, understanding and responding to issues is our ability to process large volumes of data and to extract intelligence from the diverse data sources now in use, including phones, tablets, corporate email servers and the cloud.

"The investments we are making are enabling us to more effectively perform in-depth analysis of data, identify relationships between persons and entities, and create chronologies revealed by metadata."



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