Promoted by Small business owners are often so intently involved in doing the work of driving their businesses forward that sometimes the necessary ongoing financial maintenance and tax management can take a backseat.

Many small businesses typically end up waiting until the end of their financial year before they start paying real attention to how their financials are looking, which can lead to some major headaches come the June-July period!

Whereas, if small businesses put a little more rigour into staying on top of their financials, they wouldn’t experience this end of financial year pain and their businesses would be better positioned to achieve financial and operational targets.

Sage has partnered with Dominic Myssy, principal of Myssy + Co Accountants and a specialist in business planning for small to medium size enterprises, to develop an easy-to-follow structure that will help small business owners embrace simplicity and keep the complexities of their business under control.

In addition to highlighting some simple disciplines that will improve the financial efficiency of small businesses, the guide also offers tips on how business owners can reduce their workloads so they can focus on their core business needs.

Click here to download the guide.