In the latest episode of InvestorDaily Uncut, host Maja Garaca Djurdjevic welcomes a seasoned fund manager at Dexus Core Infrastructure Fund, John Julian, for an in-depth discussion on the nuances and potential of infrastructure investments.

Infrastructure, as Julian elucidates, encompasses a broad array of assets essential for economic growth and societal function.

In the current climate of uncertainty – marked by high inflation, elevated interest rates, and the looming threat of recession – infrastructure investment has emerged as a beacon for investors seeking stability.

The pair discuss:

  • The defensive characteristics of infrastructure investments, which include consistent returns with low volatility, long-term income yields with inflation protection, and diversification benefits.
  • How investors can approach infrastructure investment through direct investments in unlisted assets or via listed infrastructure securities, each offering unique advantages and challenges.
  • The emerging trends in infrastructure investment, such as evolving definitions of infrastructure assets.
  • Optimism about the resilience of infrastructure investments in the face of economic volatility.

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