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Are you ready for the upcoming TMDs reviews?

Are you ready for the upcoming TMDs reviews?

By Objective
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On a new episode of the InvestorDaily Uncut podcast, host Neil Griffith is joined by Joanne Powell, account manager at local platform Objective.

Ms Powell joined the podcast to talk about the upcoming TMDs review, what that means for banks and wealth managers, and where Objective can help the process.

"In the wealth management space, it's come at an interesting time because they've also got their RG97 new fee tables that are due out by 30 September. So really just planning that ahead to make sure that you've actually got every one of your TMDs does go through the review process," Ms Powell said.
"Look, some of them may have already gone through, we've seen certainly with the TMDs coming out of the Objective Keystone software, there's a continual review cycle, which is really interesting. But if you don't have the correct planning in place, one of those could slip through the cracks.

"And with the banking — I mean the sheer volume of TMDs that you've got — some banks have got four or 500 different TMDs that they need to get on market. Some of which have one product in there and others which have up to three. So really making sure those words go through the appropriate review process and giving enough time is really important."

On this episode, Ms Powell also gives her tips to financial services organisations about what they should be looking out for when completing the review, the areas that organisations struggle with the most, and how Objective Keystone solves those issues.


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