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Australia’s quest for net zero by 2050

Australia’s quest for net zero by 2050

By Fidelity
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On the latest episode of the InvestorDaily Summit series, the question is asked: Is Australia on track to achieve net zero by 2050.

Host David Stratford is joined by Fidelity’s director for sustainable investing, Daniela Jaramillo, and Australian equities research analyst, Justin Teo.

Daniela and Justin share their views on where Australia is at in meeting the target—the role that the mining sector plays in decarbonisation and the biggest priorities to achieve net zero.

“To me, the last six months especially have had a sharp change, I guess, in the nuance of the ESG debate, where it’s become very clear that divestment doesn’t really lower emissions if another owner is just going to extract those resources through time,” Justin said.

Daniela added: “And something we do need to see, and we need to see it from companies and from policy makers, is how are we going to help those companies and those communities that rely on fossil fuels? How are we going to help them transition so that they can transition their livelihoods to a lower carbon world?”


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