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Niche group storms to Destiny

By Victoria Young
2 minute read

Independent residential investment advisory group hires three and prepares to open two new franchises.

Residential property investment specialist Destiny Financial Solutions is storming ahead with its expansion plans, despite three interest rate hikes during 2006.

Destiny is about to open a Canberra franchise and a second in Melbourne - bringing the number to 11. Three new appointments have also been made at its head office in Chittaway Bay, New South Wales.

"Destiny is here to help people manage all contingencies.  When interest rates rise people need our help to ensure that they do not get into trouble - the right property choice in terms of cash flow becomes even more crucial in a rising market," Destiny Financial Solutions founder Margaret Lomas said.

"When interest rates are down people need help to ensure that they do not get carried away and over commit and that they still focus on the fact that rates can rise.

"Our services are not based on perfect markets - they are based on assisting people to manage all markets so that they can produce a lasting retirement income."

At the point of purchase Destiny ensures clients fully understand the impact of rising rates and how to plan for it.

"We make sure people build in good margins to manage not only rate rises but vacancy in the properties they buy.  We ensure that in the event that a client needs a 'lo doc loan' to proceed with a purchase, they really do have the underlying income to support the purchase, and are not using a 'lo doc loan' because they would not really qualify for a loan," said Lomas, who was crowned 2006 Telstra New South Wales Business Woman of the Year.