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JPMAM brings large cap global equity ETF to Aussie shores

By Jessica Penny
2 minute read

This marks the 12th active ETF the global asset manager has brought to Australia, and its 10th in the active equity ETF space.

JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) has listed its high conviction Global Select Equity Active ETF (JGLO) on the ASX.

According to the firm, JGLO follows the same strategy as its existing JPMorgan Global Select Equity Strategy – a core, style-agnostic, high conviction diversified global equity portfolio that aims to deliver outperformance across a variety of market conditions – but with the added benefit of liquidity and transparency that comes with ETFs.

JPMAM said the ETF is led by portfolio manager Helge Skibeli and leverages a seasoned equity management team with more than 50 years of combined experience.

Commenting on the launch, Skibeli said JPMAM has observed a continued demand from investors for an active strategy that seeks to capture attractive returns without taking “undue” risk.

“JGLO provides an attractive solution designed to help investors realise their financial goals and round out their portfolios with conviction,” he said.

“With inflation starting to cool and market expectations of a soft/no landing, it’s time for investors to put their cash to work and consider an alpha engine that maximises the capabilities of our global research terms but at a cost of 55 bps, considerably lower than industry average,” added Mark Carlile, head of wholesale for Australia and New Zealand at JPMAM.

“It is the global nature of our business and our sheer scale that enables us to offer a high conviction, global equity solution to Australian investors at comparatively low cost,” Carlile concluded.

The ETF was first launched as an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) in September 2023, and in the five months since launch accumulated US$2 billion in assets under management.

In December, JPMAM announced the launch of two more active ETFs, including the addition of a second fixed income ETF in the firm’s Australian line-up.

The JPMorgan Global Bond Active ETF (Managed Fund) (JPGB) is listed on Cboe Australia and leverages the same strategy as the JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (mutual fund), offering local investors the opportunity to add duration to a bond portfolio.

Moreover, the JPMorgan Global Research Enhanced Index Equity Active ETF (Managed Fund) (Hedged) (JRHG) is a hedged version of its existing JPMorgan Global Research Enhanced Index (REI) strategy (JREG) which seeks positive alpha at low tracking error, staying sector, style and region neutral.