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T. Rowe Price extends global high income fund reach

By Jessica Penny
3 minute read

The global asset manager has expanded the platform presence of its global high income portfolio to support self-managed investors and advisers.

T. Rowe Price has made its high conviction global high income fund available on two additional investment and superannuation platforms.

Self-managed investors and advisers will now be able to access the fund on HUB24 and BT Panorama’s menus and is also available on Netwealth platforms.

According to the asset manager, the T. Rowe Price Global High Income Fund is an actively managed, concentrated, high-income portfolio of primarily global high yield corporate bond opportunities.


“We are delighted to increase the number of ways investors can now access the Global High Income Fund, which has demonstrated its appeal to those looking for high-conviction investment opportunities that seek to generate equity-like returns with less volatility over the long term,” Darren Hall, T. Rowe Price country head and head of distribution for Australia and New Zealand, commented.

Namely, it invests in high yield bonds issued by companies that are fundamentally improving, or where, Hall clarified, the investment team can identify a clear (but unrealised) catalyst for improvement, or companies that are reducing their leverage.

He added that the fund provides exposure to an opportunity set “not often found in other global high-yield strategies”, with access to some US$3 trillion of global high yield bonds and a regional allocation mix that includes approximately 51 per cent of issuers in North America, 29 per cent in European markets, and 12 per cent in Latin America.

“Our active investment decisions are backed by one of the industry’s largest and most experienced buy-side global research platforms. Local analysts operate in the world’s major economies, working in collaboration with our global network of specialists across all industries and major asset classes to find the best investment ideas.

“The team scrutinises all potential investments on the basis of qualitative and quantitative company analysis, an industry overview, and ESG considerations,” Hall concluded.

Benchmarked against the ICE BofA Global High Yield Index (hedged to AUD), the T. Rowe Price Global High Income Fund is managed by portfolio managers Michael Della Vedova and Sammy Muaddi.

T. Rowe Price added that both portfolio managers have each been at the firm for over a decade, having run the underlying strategy together since 2015.