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Macquarie debuts active ETF range in Australia

By Jessica Penny
3 minute read

The asset manager has introduced a new exchange traded fund (ETF) platform to Australia.

Macquarie Asset Management (MAM) has launched its first range of actively managed ETFs in Australia, providing its clients with listed access to opportunities in global fixed income and equity markets.

The Macquarie Dynamic Bond Active ETF (MQDB), the Macquarie Income Opportunities Active ETF (MQIO), and the Macquarie Walter Scott Global Equity Active ETF (MQWS) are now all listed on the ASX as of Wednesday.

According to MAM, the new launch will provide Australian investors with the transparency and convenience of an ETF structure and access to MAM’s global active management strategies, which were previously only available as traditional unlisted managed funds.


Blair Hannon, Macquarie AM ETF investment strategist, commented: “As the largest active investment manager in Australia, we recognise the increasing appetite from Australian investors for actively managed ETFs, so providing our clients with access to our investments through a listed vehicle is the next logical step in our offering.

“We’re looking forward to further expanding our ETF offering in 2024,” Mr Hannon said.

MQDB targets attractive returns by investing in global fixed income instruments and seeks to provide diversification against equity risk as well as capital growth and some income.

The fund further provides exposure to an actively managed benchmark unaware and diversified portfolio of fixed income investments such as sovereign bonds and investment grade credit.

Meanwhile, MQIO aims to outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index over the medium term, and to provide higher income returns than traditional cash investments at all stages of interest rate and economic cycles.

MQIO predominantly provides exposure to a range of domestic and global investment grade floating and fixed rate instruments, asset-backed securities, and cash. The fund may also have opportunistic exposure to other fixed income sectors and instruments.

Walter Scott & Partners is the investment manager of MQWS, which aims to achieve a long-term total return that exceeds the MSCI World ex Australia Index, in AUD unhedged with net dividends reinvested.

MQWS further provides exposure to a concentrated portfolio of global equities by investing in securities which, “in Walter Scott’s opinion, offer strong and sustained earnings growth”, according to MAM.

Speaking on the launch, Mr Hannon took to LinkedIn on Wednesday to add: “Having only recently come across to Macquarie, I can say it’s been an eventful few months helping build Macquarie’s new ETF platform.”

“Having spent quite some time in the Australian ETF market, I can say starting an ETF platform from scratch is no easy task; however, the team here have done an amazing job in creating a world-class ETF platform,” Mr Hannon added.

“So, it’s fantastic to be able to see the launch of our first three active ETFs on the ASX today. This is just the beginning for Macquarie as we look to bring both existing flagship funds and new innovative strategies into the market.”

“Can’t wait to hear feedback from our clients and continue to understand where we can help deliver better outcomes through active ETFs.”

Mr Hannon first joined Macquarie Group in September shortly after Global X had announced that Mr Hannon, as head of investment strategy, had departed the business.

Macquarie debuts active ETF range in Australia

The asset manager has introduced a new exchange traded fund (ETF) platform to Australia.

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