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Despite risks, equities remain top investment: RBA

By Eliot Hastie
 — 1 minute read

RBA’s head of domestic markets has said that despite the risk’s equities remain one of Australia’s largest and most profitable markets. 

Marion Kohler from RBA made the comments while addressing the Australasian finance and banking conference and said in the long run equities trumped other financial assets. 

“Over the long run, equities have been worth much more to investors than other investment options: they have returned about 5 percentage points more than long-term bonds on average each year,” she said. 


Ms Kohler said equities had become the largest financial market in Australia over the past twenty years and were an important part of many retirement plans. 

“While most people don’t own shares directly, anyone with superannuation usually holds equities indirectly through their fund's investments. Payments from listed companies, in the form of dividends and share buybacks, were worth almost $100 billion dollars in the past twelve months,” she said. 

Ms Kohler said the reasons behind equities popularity was clear as its real returns compared to bank deposits and government bonds was more than triple. 

“If you had put $100 into the equity market when you were 20 years old, given average returns it would have been worth more than $1,000 when you retired at age 65. If you had invested it in government bonds, it would have been worth only a quarter of that,” she said. 

However, investors needed to be aware of the risks as equities were more volatile than other markets, with them being hit particularly hard by the financial crisis said Ms Kohler. 

“If you had a superannuation portfolio based on equities, the value of your retirement funds would have declined significantly and remained lower for quite some time. 

“If you were in, or close to, retirement, you may have had to lock in some of these lower share prices,” she said. 

These figures though were a sign to investors to manage a diversified portfolio said Ms Kohler, one that did not rely too heavily on any particular investment strategy. 

“This emphasises the value of a diversified portfolio but also the importance of taking a longer-run view on the equity market,” she said. 

Ms Kohler said the RBA paid close attention to equities due to it acting as a transmission channel for monetary policy. 

“When interest rates go down, share prices tend to increase, and this increases the wealth of households who hold those equities. Higher share prices, in turn, make it relatively cheaper for companies to issue shares, allowing them to expand,” she said. 

Longer term Ms Kohler said that the market was unlikely to change, with equities still being one of the stronger sources of investment returns. 

“Equities will be more volatile than safer assets but will very likely yield higher returns over the long term, and the composition of the market will continue to broadly reflect the structure of the real economy,” she said. 


Despite risks, equities remain top investment: RBA

RBA’s head of domestic markets has said that despite the risk’s equities remain one of Australia’s largest and most profitable markets. 

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