Dalton Street Capital wins absolute return mandate
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Dalton Street Capital wins absolute return mandate

Recently founded absolute return boutique Dalton Street Capital has won an investment mandate from Alpha Funds Management.

Dalton Street Capital, founded by former Credit Suisse portfolio managers Nick Selvaratnam and Alan Sheen in 2016, has been awarded an absolute return mandate by Alpha Funds Management.

Mr Selvaratnam said the fund manager’s strategy is designed to deliver absolute returns for all market cycles.

“The combination of our long only equities strategy with our quant-based short-term futures trading strategy gives clients the best of both worlds. Protection in volatile markets and equity returns as markets improve,” Mr Selvaratnam said.

Mr Sheen, who is the fund’s chief investment officer, said, “We’re seeing plenty of demand for liquid, daily priced alternative strategies at the moment as investors are seeking to manage downside risk.”


Dalton Street Capital wins absolute return mandate
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