Jamieson Coote Bonds added to HUB24

Jamieson Coote Bonds added to HUB24

Australian government bond manager Jamieson Coote Bonds has been added to HUB24's investment platforms.

The Jamieson Coote Bonds (JCB) Australian government bonds strategy has been added to HUB24’s IDPS & Super menus.

The JCB Active Bond Fund, which is distributed in Australia by Channel Capital, is the retail version of the fixed income manager's wholesale strategy.

JCB co-founder Angus Coote described the fund as having a "true to label" active approach to Australian government bonds that has not been available to investors to date.

"With heightened uncertainty globally creating episodic bouts of volatility, investors need an ideal solution to defend their assets with no credit or equity like exposures," Mr Coote said.

"Another common problem we have identified is heightened bank-related exposures within the ‘defensive’ bucket of portfolios. These include corporate credit, bank hybrids, negatively geared property, term deposits and Australian bank shares.

"An Australian government bond allocation becomes a sensible place to start when looking for liquidity, security and diversification."

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Jamieson Coote Bonds added to HUB24
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