ACBC lists new exchange-traded bonds

ACBC lists new exchange-traded bonds

The Australian Corporate Bond Company (ACBC) has expanded its range of ASX-listed exchange-traded bonds (XTB) with the launch of six senior floating rate notes.

The six 'floaters' are the first XTBs to be listed over bank bonds, providing investors with a stable investment vehicle that is not as sensitive to interest rate changes, an ACBC-issued statement said. 

ACBC chief executive and co-founder Richard Murphy said: “We are excited about the potential opportunities these new XTBs can bring.

“XTB floaters are high-quality, capital-stable instruments that share many of the attributes of cash investments and the benefits of trading on the ASX.”

According to the statement, “floaters should typically deliver a higher return than 'at-call’ cash accounts over time".

“In addition, floaters have advantages relative to term deposits in that they can be sold at any time and can be seen as an ASX-traded alternative," the statement said. 

The bank bonds have been issued by AMP, Bank of Queensland, NAB and Suncorp-Metway.

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ACBC lists new exchange-traded bonds
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