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Legg Mason: full house for 'future of investing' adviser symposium

Promoted by  Over 200 advisers will get a taste of what client portfolios could look like in future as Legg Mason investment experts arrive ahead of Thursday's event.

Legg Mason's showcase event – which was designed in the aftermath of last year’s Financial Services Inquiry – is focused on helping advisers prepare for client issues that may become more prominent in the years ahead.

All-weather investing, single and multi-sector retirement income, as well as the future of asset classes themselves are the subject of three panel discussions, with Legg Mason investment professionals providing a range of opinions across asset classes.

But those expecting to hear a unified Legg Mason house view may be somewhat disappointed.

Annalisa Clark, Head of Legg Mason Australia explains "Legg Mason houses a range of independently operating affiliates and each will bring their own unique viewpoint to the table. This event will help showcase the talent, diversity of opinion and depth of expertise across one of the largest funds management groups worldwide."

The Symposium will include speakers from Brandywine and Western Asset in the fixed income space, Martin Currie (including Martin Currie Australia) covering equities, as well as alternatives specialist Permal. The investment topics will be complemented with guest presenters Ian Irvine from the ASX who will discuss the future of mFund investing, as well as Margot Cairnes, who will present a holistic description of change and thinking ahead. 

One of the benefits of Legg Mason’s multi-affiliate business model is that with multiple fund managers, chances are at any given time a number of funds will be exhibiting strong performance. For example, currently several Legg Mason strategies are performing in the top three of their peer groups: the Legg Mason Brandywine Global Opportunistic Fixed Income strategy remains the top performer over one, two and three years to December in the Mercer Survey1. On the real assets side, the Legg Mason Australian Property Securities strategy is the top performer over five years2, (number 2 over three years), while the Legg Mason Australian Real Income Fund has returned 22.3 per cent (after fees) in the three years to December 2014. On the Australian fixed income side, the Legg Mason Western Asset Australian Bond strategy is ranked number 2 over three, five and ten years to December 20143.

The Symposium is likely to be the first of several financial adviser events run this year by Legg Mason, as the fund manager seeks to build upon its education footprint and profile among financial advisers. Legg Mason is planning a retirement income seminar in June for planners and SMSFs, focusing on single and multi-sector retirement income strategies. This is expected to be followed up by an alternatives seminar in October 2015. Those interested in attending can register their interest by contacting [email protected].


1 Mercer Investment Performance Survey of Hedged Overseas Fixed Income (Australian Investors) (Sovereign) as at December 2014. 2 Mercer Investment Performance Survey of Australian Real Estate Securities (REIT) Universe as at December 2014. 3 Australian Fixed Income (Core) Sub-Universe.


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