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New head of sustainable outcomes appointed at Aviva Investors

New head of sustainable outcomes appointed at Aviva Investors

By Adrian Suljanovic
2 minute read

Sam Tripuraneni has been appointed head of Sustainable Outcomes by Aviva Investors in a “pivotal hire” for the firm during its transitional phase towards sustainability.

Mr Tripuraneni’s new role will be to supervise Aviva’s Stewardship and Sustainable Outcomes franchises which includes the firm’s strategies involving climate, social and natural capital transitions, while also overseeing their ESG thematic research and its implementation across liquid market asset classes.

He will also take charge towards developing new sustainability and impact strategies as well as improving the existing philosophy and processes of their sustainable strategies, along with improving Aviva’s research models and delivery of sustainability impacts.

Mr Tripuraneni brings with him seven years of experience of working closely with client and investment business teams as a director with the goal of developing investment solutions to meet environmental, social and financial objectives.

Prior to his work in the financial services industry, Mr Tripuraneni served as a captain in the British Army.

His attraction to Aviva Investors stems from their “strong heritage in responsible investment and its commitment to providing innovative, market-leading solutions to meet the sustainability ambitions of clients.”

“The world is experiencing multiple social and environmental crises, such as catastrophic levels of biodiversity loss, increasing social inequality and temperature rise that threaten to fundamentally destabilise our economies and societies,” Mr Tripuraneni said.

Mr Tripuraneni will be based in London, reporting to global head of ESG investments, Mirza Baig, and will manage a team of eight sustainability specialists.

“I am pleased to welcome Sam to Aviva Investors in this strategic role for the business,” Mr Baig said.

“His experience and expertise stood out through the recruitment process, and I am confident he will help build on our solutions to meet the financial, social and environmental objectives that matter increasingly to our clients and wider society.”