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SQM to expand ratings coverage

In a statement, SQM Research said it plans to expand its funds research services to include products within the alternative assets and fixed income sectors, and with the “possibility of reaching into equities”.

“We believe a gap has opened up with the unfortunate demise of van Eyk and with this, our goal is to be the most recognised and respected specialist investment research house in Australia,” SQM Research managing director Louis Christopher said.


“It is a natural fit for SQM Research to utilise this opportunity to expand its services to include into these asset classes,” he said.

SQM Research also said it plans to appoint “key experienced individuals” to research these specialist sectors, and the company will bring in a “well-known” research process in the review of these funds.

“This expansion in services will mean that SQM Research will be the only research house nationwide that offers services on both funds research and residential property data,” the research house said.

SQM highlighted that even though “competing research house” Lonsec has taken over van Eyk’s Irate platform it would be “wrong to suggest” the buy-out has meant “decreased competition” in the space.

“It would be wrong to suggest that as a result of the buyout, competition in the space has decreased completely, and the company looks forward to continuing to be a major player in the research space in the coming year,” SQM Research said.


SQM to expand ratings coverage
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