Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical is Australia’s leading ethical investment manager. We believe that the power of money can be harnessed to deliver both competitive long-term returns and positive change for society and the environment. By investing responsibly in well-managed, ethical companies, this is exactly what we achieve.

We seek out positive investments that support people, quality and sustainability, and we avoid investments that cause unnecessary harm to people, animals, society and the environment.
Ethical and sustainable investing isn’t just a part of what we do, it’s everything we do. And while we’ve evolved in many ways since we were established in 1986, we have always stayed true to this.

Our investment decisions, the way treat our employees and suppliers, the issues we take a stand on and the decisions we make when operating our funds are all governed by our Ethical Charter. This means with us, you don’t have the compromise on your future, or the planet’s. Our financial success proves that Australian Ethical gives you choices. Good choices. The more you choose them, the better the outcomes for you, and the better for everyone.

That’s because we believe good adds up. Good does better than bad. And good is all we invest in.

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