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Our 2022
Event Organisers

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Momentum Media is driven to create Australia’s most influential media and professional development business across the markets we operate in.

Our events business is recognised as one of the best in Australia, with a number of our awards programs securing national accolades.

Our programs include the Australian Law Awards, the Australian Broking Awards, the Australian Accounting Awards, the Australian Defence Industry Awards, the Women in Finance Awards and the REB Awards. For more details, visit our website here.

With a reach spanning over a million professionals, high-net-worth individuals and SME business owners, Momentum Media is connected to the rapidly changing preferences and attitudes of our communities – and we’re making a positive contribution for them to thrive.

Momentum Media’s suite of brands helps shape the direction of corporate Australia through delivering market intelligence, news, insights, leadership and knowledge across key market segments – ensuring organisations and individuals are better informed.

Whether it’s defence, national security and space through to mortgages, financial advice, legal or accounting, our aim is to be peerless and to excel in all facets of our business.

This vision empowers Momentum to set the standard that other media businesses admire and seek to emulate.

And there’s a good reason why Momentum remains one of the fastest-growing media businesses in Australia: we do media our way.

We’re a trailblazing business that relishes challenge, change and opportunity. We’re not shackled to any form of communication and are driven by delivering essential content and intelligence to our audiences via the channels that they choose.

This ranges from digital and mobile news and market intelligence, conferences and events, benchmarking, research and analysis through to live stream, print, podcast, social and awards.

visited website:

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