Don’t miss the inaugural Investor Daily ESG Summit 2021 — a live-stream event free for financial advisers.

Register now for this unique event designed specifically to cast a spotlight on the strategies, trends, products, services, people and companies that are helping shape the future of Australia’s environmental, social and corporate governance.

There is no denying that there is an increasingly socially conscious community driving the demand for transparency and evidence of their investments’ impact on society and the environment. That’s why InvestorDaily is helping arm you, your team and your practice with the right information, strategies, tactics and tools to navigate scepticism and handle questions to help you engage the socially aware and the proactive Millennials in preparation for the great transfer of wealth.

With over 14 expert-led sessions, keynote addresses, fireside chats, panel discussions, fund showcases, networking opportunities and one-on-one conversations with product and service providers, you will gain the critical information and vital tactics needed to ensure your business not only keeps abreast of changing ESG issues, but also thrives to deliver long-term value through responsible investment.

Set aside a few hours each day to work on your business and action plan for the future! Over the two days, we will reveal some of the intricacies, advantages and myths around this increasingly popular and ethical form of investment.

What you’ll learn by attending:

  • Global ESG trends and impending regulatory shift for Australia
  • Uncover product trends and client behaviours around sustainable investing
  • Breakdown of the common ethical investing terms and credible resources as well as identifying key players in the market
  • A framework to help you assess and discern between different products in the space
  • Latest data on ethical funds and perceived trade-offs around generating strong returns for clients
  • Build awareness for greenwashing and be on guard to spot the difference
  • Tools to help screen and rank ethical funds based on client preferences, values and risk tolerance
  • Key conversation guidelines on delivering long-term value through responsible investment
  • And much, much more!


Walk away with know-how across a number of key ESG areas, to help you navigate conversations with clients and make informed ESG strategy decisions. Be inspired by new opportunities and talk to like-minded advisers who face the challenges of a changing market.


Financial advisers wanting to learn the key fundamentals and strategies of ESG investing.

Summit 2021 Speakers