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How to deliver much needed property diversification into the world’s fastest growing region

This session will focus on how investors can reduce ‘home bias’ in their portfolios by diversifying property exposure into Asian commercial real estate via APN’s Asian REIT Fund. Our income-focused Fund provides exposure to prime commercial real estate in the three global gateway markets of Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. This strategy has proven to deliver a strong yield via a stable income stream, whilst lowering volatility of returns – a key benefit of diversification.

Speaker: Corrine Ng, Portfolio Manager, Asian Real Estate Securities, APN Property Group

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Commercial Property: Options Outside Residential

When it comes to investing, Australians have a love affair with property, as it has the ability to provide both a capital and an income return to investors. Whilst private investors appreciate the importance of diversifying a share portfolio across many stocks, they often don’t apply the same methodology to their property portfolio, focusing instead on residential. Investing in commercial property offers individuals a number of additional benefits. Unlike residential property, where you need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, investors can gain exposure to an array of property funds - open or fixed terms, across different property fund managers, ultimately increasing the diversification of their portfolio - for a fraction of this investment. Learning from the past, and taking into account the various benefits and risks, we believe including quality commercial property in an investment portfolio can preserve capital, provide a stable return and ultimately build wealth.

Speaker: Hamish Wehl, Head of Retail Funds Management, Cromwell Property Group

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