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Global Equities

Global diversification – You are doing it all wrong

With Australian equity portfolios heavily skewed in Financials, Resources and REITs, many investors are seeking to reduce this sector concentration risk by diversifying into international equities – failing to realise that MSCI-benchmarked Global Investment funds may actually introduce further sector concentration risk to their overall portfolios. Often these investments also fail to generate the growth opportunities investors are really looking for.

In this presentation, Arnhem Investment’s Portfolio Manager Theo Maas offers strategies to build a genuinely diversified and growth-oriented global portfolio for your clients, as well as discussing his best stock picks in high growth sectors such as healthcare and technology.

Speaker: Theo Maas, Portfolio Manager Global SMA, Arnhem Investment Management

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Global investing: (buying) more than megatrends

BRICS, crypto-currency, driverless cars, artificial intelligence; the world is forever changing and there are many emerging businesses which are leading the charge in redefining the field of play. However, can investors simply generate wealth in uncertain times by backing a megatrend? Or is this a virtual reality? We at Montgomery Global think differently. Not only are we interested in revolutionary tailwinds, we are also importantly focused on business quality and more significantly, what we are paying for it. We see stock prices as a set of market implied expectations, and believe that with a more challenging landscape ahead for equities, owning resilient businesses at the right prices is the best way to build investor wealth and preserve capital.

Speaker: Andrew Macken, Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager, Montgomery Global Investment Management

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A world of opportunity

What's worked over the past eight years is unlikely to work over the next eight. Interest rates are increasing and high valuations mean the major equity markets are highly unlikely to produce satisfactory returns.

But while many investors are busy trying to predict the next financial crisis, we've been buying undervalued, growing businesses around the globe.

Join Head of Research, Nathan Bell, as he explains why it's time to leave the herd, and how two businesses currently held in the Peters MacGregor Global Equity portfolio should increase their value despite the unwinding of experimental monetary policies.

Speaker: Nathan Bell, Head of Research, Peters Macgregor Capital Management

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Global Equities
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